Every company needs a customised social media strategy based on its current situation, objectives and available resources. Although there are independent factors, there are some basic common elements that should be considered to ensure that your company gets the most out of social media.


A good strategy in social networks is based on a global mentality that does not just focus on each individual post, but it is essential to assess the general state of your online presence. To do this, let us tell you eight strategic steps to succeed in social networks:


  1. Social media audits

Get in the habit of carrying out regular evaluations of your social media channels. This can help to detect inconsistencies and to know which campaigns have succeeded or not, allowing you to constantly improve your social media strategy.


  1. Specific objectives

It is essential to establish clear and specific objectives before starting any campaign or developing a strategy. This can make it easier for you to identify points where you may need to redouble your efforts. Focusing on specific goals will give you and your team the direction in which to focus your energy, and having a clear focus is key to uniting your efforts.


  1. Public understanding

Knowing your audience in the most detailed way possible is also essential to create content on social networks that resonates with your followers and potential customers. Find out what posts they read and where they spend time together. The more you know and the clearer the image of your target audience, the better. Figuring out these details will help you produce ways to connect and build a more engaged community.


  1. Suitable platforms

You must be aware of which social networks are suitable for your business and know how they work. You should also know that just because a network is popular does not mean it is a good fit for your target audience or internal capability.


  1. Content program and social networks

At the heart of any successful social media strategy is a solid plan and an editorial calendar. Your calendar should focus on supporting your goals on social media, but it is also essential to know what important dates are coming up to keep your stakeholders more engaged.


  1. Tools for social networks

Effective social media strategies are based on using a mix of automation and timely engagement. These tools refer to specific tools of the particular social network (Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, etc.) that you can integrate to increase your growth in each social media channel.


  1. Analysis and measurement

Every social media strategy should include measurement and analysis of your efforts. Without a doubt, these two will be your best allies to stop doing what is not working and redouble your efforts in the parts that produce results.


  1. Time for commitment

Audience engagement has become a key element for growth. Therefore, a good social media strategy will always include time to interact, ask questions, and connect with the people you want to reach. In addition, the algorithms consider your level of interaction when displaying your posts.


In conclusion, although it is true that the social media landscape is constantly changing and evolving, if we stick to the main strategies outlined in this post, we will continue to obtain results that really work.


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