360 marketing is an integrated campaign with messages focused on multiple customer touch points. In other words, this type of marketing seeks to align all parts or sectors of a company to achieve a common goal as multiple platforms are used for that purpose.


While at first glance it may not seem much different from marketing in general, an agency working successful 360 campaigns require thoughtful message placement, honed to cater to each channel’s unique audience, but ultimately driving a single, unified message. These campaigns employ a strategy that covers a wide range of traditional and digital media to get the message we want to convey across to as many people as possible. Its purpose will always be to interrelate all communication channels to interact with customers in a way that ensures a unique experience.


This is where its success comes from within the business world, in the combination of various aspects of marketing (PR, SEO, ads and social media), which actually creates a better business outcome than if only one or two of these elements are conducted. All dimensions that are part of the 360-campaign help: PR services drastically help your SEO because appearing in a PR article can drive readers to your social media profiles. Meanwhile, your followers will see any posts you share on your social networks, plus use ads across platforms to target niche followers and advertise.


Any company can start implementing a 360-marketing strategy and enjoy its benefits. At AREA10 Marketing, we are 360 and omnichannel marketing experts and we adapt to your needs to contribute to the success of your business.