In the previous article we talked about the importance of establishing objectives in our communication plans to monitor them correctly. Well, the plan that defines these objectives must also include strategies to achieve them through different media. In the end, everything is connected!

The media plan is the strategic planning in the field of communication and marketing that we perform in order to carry out campaigns or actions that help us reach our target audience. To achieve this objective, it will be necessary to plan and define strategies and actions. But above all, it will be important to choose the right media to carry them out, which can be both traditional (outbound marketing), such as events, press or television, and digital (inbound marketing), such as social networks, websites or online advertising.

Among the factors that demonstrate the importance of developing a Media Plan we can find the following:

  • It allows to plan your budget and manage it much more efficiently
  • By having a clearer view of the media available, we can consider how important each one is to our audience and take advantage of the full spectrum of channels available to us
  • Any task that organises and moves work forward will leave you more time for other company work
  • Whatever you want to publish in any medium requires planning and production. The more time you have to produce good content, the better impact your message will have

How to elaborate a Media Plan?

  1. Define your objectives and the strategies to reach them
  2. Study your target audience
  3. Choose the media to be used, through which channels and their format
  4. Devise a budget and a timetable that will help the plan to develop correctly
  5. Analyse the results of the Plan to know what to maintain, change or rectify


At Area10Marketing we create Media Plans suited to the needs and objectives of our clients. We have years of experience in advising companies, so if after reading this article you think your company needs a boost in its Media Plan, we are sure we can be your perfect ally.

If you would like help in drawing up an appropriate Media Plan for your business, write us. We will be happy to advise you!