Social media and marketing today are two elements that go hand in hand. Nowadays, you cannot imagine a b2c marketing campaign that does not include a social media action, can you? Social media marketing helps to acquire leads and increase business awareness. In other words, it is surprisingly effective and useful for business growth. The latest trends are influencers and word of mouth, as well as viralization, which seeks to reach as many people as possible.

These strategies are known among social media agencies as social media marketing and consist of creating content to promote a company on various social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Everything that is published must be adapted to the platform on which the content will be shared to encourage users to perform certain actions. Therefore, you must know your target audience and how they interact with each other and with the brand, in addition to knowing where they are to choose the social networks that best fit.

Do you want to know for what type of audience and what content works best on each social network? Here are some facts:

  • Facebook

o Audience: Generation X (41-57 years old) and Millennials (24-40 years old).

o Ideal for brand awareness, advertising

  • Twitter

o Audience: Millennials

o Ideal for public relations, customer service.

  • Instagram

o Audience: Millennials

o Ideal for user-generated content, advertising.

  • LinkedIn

o Audience: Baby Boomers (41-67 years old), Generation X and Millennials.

o Ideal for business development, employment marketing

  • YouTube

o Audience: Generation Z (8–23-year-olds) and Millennials

o Ideal for brand awareness, entertainment, instructional videos

  • TikTok

o Audience: Generation Z and Millennials

o Ideal for visual advertising, content monetization

Now, do you know which social network best suits your company’s audience? If you still need advice on what strategies to conduct or simply want to know more about this topic, a social media agency will be your great ally. Write to us! At AREA10 Marketing we are happy to help you work with social networks and make them a success.