At AREA10 we had the honor and pleasure to collaborate last 03/04/2021, together with Spanish-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and in collaboration with the European Chambers of Commerce in Spain, in a virtual meeting about Green Deal, attended by Teresa Ribera, Fourth Vice-President of the Government and Minister of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, and Jochen Müller, Deputy Director of the European Commission in Spain.


The meeting addressed the importance of the European Green Deal and the new challenges for the future that the business sector must take into account in order to achieve the ecological transition and a sustainable business model.


The Minister, Teresa Ribera, stressed the importance of unity at this time, taking the pandemic as a premise, to achieve a future in which companies improve their production model through sustainable and efficient tools and with public aid for energy and digital transformation.


“All these initiatives require strategic alliances between the public and private sectors. We must also learn from the experience of leading countries in sustainability within and outside the European Union and transfer this knowledge to our country. We can use the competitive advantages that our natural resources offer us, but above all by placing value on people,” said the Fourth Vice-President of the Government.


In addition, Jochen Müller highlighted the impact of European aid, a large amount of which will have to be earmarked for the ecological transition. This aid will enable many projects of all types of companies to move forward to generate a greater positive economic, social and environmental impact.


Also discussed were topics of special interest such as the Clean Energy Pact, which is relatively new in our country. The use of green hydrogen as an alternative to other types of energy was highlighted, and the minister underlined the importance of knowing this technology and creating a favorable regulatory framework for it. Likewise, Müller pointed out Spain’s potential in renewable energy production and how this represents an investment advantage for our country.


Great entrepreneurs from different Spanish companies gave their opinion and debated on the role played by companies in this energy transition. These entrepreneurs highlighted the great strategic work of companies in carrying out projects committed to the use of new energies and the European Green Deal, not only as an environmental objective, but also as an intelligent and sustainable strategy for economic growth. So much so that the financing of this type of projects must be key in the future to achieve an efficient business model in which the public and private sectors join forces to promote and encourage these types of projects.


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