With green marketing, you will achieve the best approach to marketing by making it more ecological, economical and socially conscious. In Area10Marketing we will help you communicate these unique values and initiatives.

But first, what is green marketing?

Green marketing is a series of practices that the brands use to improve the environment, with the goal of adding a competitive advantage and a change in the customer perception of the brand, by demonstrating they care about the environment.

Some of the benefits are:

  • It attracts new clients who prefer more ecological and healthy products and services
  • It helps improve the positioning of the brand
  • It helps to increase visibility
  • You can innovate and create new solutions
  • It can boost your business reputation
  • It helps the stand out by offering sustainable products and services

Now, more than ever, is necessary to have a green marketing strategy, we live in a time period where the concern about climate change is growing rapidly, therefore many customers prefer companies with green strategies.

With the creation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals the Corporate Social Responsibility of companies has become key to impact and raise awareness of sustainability.

Why is it important?

The environmental part of marketing is more and more important for companies, because of the public opinion of the company, the environmental legislation, and competitive advantages that it offers. Green marketing strategies helps companies reduce environmental issues while taking a stance as a environmentally conscious company.

Which are the different strategies?

Here are some strategies of green marketing:

  • Promote a more ecological and sustainable lifestyle: not everyone has the same level of commitment to ecology, you will be helping to raise awareness about the use of ecofriendly products and services.
  • Promote green values inside your company: your brand should be green in- and outside, your employees should also take part in being more conscious about the environment and therefore promote it within your entire company.
  • Reduce and minimize the residues that you produce
  • Participate and collaborate in events in defense of the environment.
  • Show on the internet your green products and services, if you have a responsible webpage and/or social media accounts, you can promote your green strategies and goals there.

Why choosing Area10?

If you are looking of ways to improve your Green Marketing strategies or want to being using them, we can help you. In Area10Marketing we are experts on Green and Eco-friendly marketing and we will love to help you achieve these goals.