First, what is the difference between online and offline marketing? Online marketing consists on using the different media platforms to make your company stand out, while offline marketing could also be considered traditional marketing, you can use newspapers and magazines, radio and TV to promote your brand. 

Should you choose one above the other? No, these are two different marketing strategies, which can help in different ways to expand your company. This is why they should be integrated, to give the user a seamless and consistent brand experience


What techniques can you use to combine online and offline marketing


Offer incentives to attract a specific audience 

By offering something that will make the client want to go on your online or physical store, you will be adding value to your brand. For example offering discounts or doing a contest on your Facebook page. 

Use the same design on both platforms 

By using the same design in your online and offline brand you will help create a more unified vision of your company. 

Create a mobile app 

Customers want ease and convenience, by having a mobile app you will be offering them this. In the app you can have coupons, offers, etc. which will make your online presence bigger. And you can also promote your offline brand in there.

Use one to promote the other

This can be done in a multitude of ways, for example, offer exclusive information online to make users go to the physical stores, create an ad for TV or put up a billboard that has a way to interact with your social media. 

All of this is also known as blended marketing


Blended marketing


Blended marketing allows any type of company to project a global image as a brand, one of the advantages is that it doesn’t require a high budget. Some of the things you have to take into account in order to implement blended marketing are:

  • Keeping the same image on your online and offline brand
  • Choose carefully what audience you are planning to reach and what channel are you going to reach them with
  • Establish clear and achievable goals
  • Use wisely your online marketing, such as social media.

Use marketing 360º to incorporate all of this in your company’s marketing.


Why should you choose marketing 360º?


We are a Marketing 360º company in Madrid, and we will help you reach a wider market. 

First we will do a strategic consulting in which we will do a market research, define objectives and plan a strategy to increase your brand presence.

We will work on your branding: name, logo, corporate identity and much more, all of which should be visually and ideologically integrated. 

The online marketing will include a plan and a strategy to make your brand’s presence on social media stronger, we will help you manage your social media accounts in order to create and post more content and make your company more relevant.