Why choose a Digital Marketing Agency in Madrid?

The choice of Madrid as a base for companies that provide services to others is due, among other factors, to its proximity and connectivity with Europe and ease as a bridge to Latin America, but in order to find the main benefits of hiring a Digital Marketing firm in Madrid, we must first clarify certain concepts about what is Marketing itself and digital marketing.

A Digital Marketing Agency in Madrid, the perfect match

When we talk about marketing we are referring to all activities that aim to improve the communication and sales process, even modifying the design of the product if that makes it more attractive to its target audience. Not only in the advertising sense of attracting more people with an attractive product and design, but also in the sense of identifying what customers need. That is, to study what they need, why they need it, how they want it or why they want it. That is why marketing is not only dedicated to improving the communication process, but also involves everything related to improving the sales process of a product or service, from the study of the need it is going to cover, the market niche it is going to address, its production, its sales format, its logistics, its marketing and after-sales service. Therefore, digital marketing is any type of communication strategy or sale of a product or service that a company, brand or individual carried out in a market or a digital environment.

Why choose an agency based in Madrid?

The choice of a Marketing and Communication Agency in Madrid is due, among other factors, to its connectivity with Europe and America, the quality of services and a pricing that remains very competitive.

Likewise, rates in Spain are 30% lower than in Germany and 40-45% lower than in the UK, and some of the marketing giants based in Madrid have high-calibre multinational brands as their main clients, which increasingly contributes to SMEs around the world choosing this model, with the result that Spain’s capital is making a name for itself in the best European rankings for attracting companies and positioning itself as a business hub in a multitude of sectors.

That is why, from the AREA10 Marketing, a marketing and communications agency based in Madrid, we will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.

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