We are starting a new year, and with it new personal goals, but also new objectives for our company to continue growing. The world of communication and technology is constantly changing, so we must keep ourselves updated and informed if we do not want to be left behind in the field of digital marketing. In order to achieve this, it is very important to stay connected with the latest developments in this field, but it is also important to be connected with our customers and know what they need and expect from us.

This 2021 we will see new trends in digital marketing strategies followed by older ones that are still working. The trends that will continue to be effective this year are:

  • Contactless marketing: with the coronavirus crisis we have all been forced to make use of telematic communication. In 2021, taking advantage of the fact that society is already familiar with it, we will make the most of it by contacting customers by video conference or creating events that will be live broadcast
  • Video marketing: every year we can see more successful and ambitious brand videos online. 60% of customers say that watching product videos before buying gives them a clearer image and consequently generates more confidence for their purchase. This has gained particular strength with the vlogs and YouTube videos that influencers have popularised in the last few years

As new trends they stand out:

  • The rise of the figure of the mircroinfluencer. Since being an influencer is a profession that has grown a lot in recent years, there are different categories of influencers. Smaller companies with more selective audiences are beginning to come to medium or small-scale influencers with a very specific niche of followers.
  • A new conversational commerce that, with the help of innovations in technology, will keep companies and clients more connected through different technologies such as Chatbots, interactive mailings, integration of voice recognition or new communication apps.
  • Programmatic advertising, which consists of an automated purchase of audience spaces on the Internet. It connects a brand with the user through an ad that is related to him at the right time and place. This will provide us with a better use of the budget and a greater connection with our audience.

Deloitte carried out a study where 2,447 consumers, and 405 executives of different companies where surveyed to understand how they are adapting their strategies to the current context with the aim of knowing the new trends of Marketing for 2021. Thus,  they concluded that this year what our public is looking for is to feel more involved than ever in brands, being able to interact with them, feeling more identified with their values, having a more immediate connection and building a relationship of trust in which you feel heard and in which the company keeps its promises.

Therefore, we must dedicate more time to our clients, improve our communication strategies with them, and invest in the technology necessary to make this happen.

In Area10Marketing we want to be spend this new year with you on your way to becoming a better company. To do this, we will help you to fulfil your new year’s communication purposes in accordance with the new trends in digital marketing and communication.

If you want to spend this year with us, click aquí. We are looking forward to it!