In previous posts we have been able to see the efficiency and number of benefits that outsourcing different departments offers to companies. In addition to the marketing or accounting department, another one that is usually outsourced is the press department. In the same way than with the outsourcing of other departments, the company saves space, time and money by entrusting this task to an expert press and communications agency.

The benefits of outsourcing the press department are similar to those of outsourcing other departments, but just because they are similar does not mean that they should be less important. Saving physical space in the company and allowing it to focus on its main work, only brings advantages. The most specific benefits of entrusting the press department to an expert communications agency are:

  • A communications agency has an easier time building relationships with journalists and influencers from different sectors, since they work with different companies
  • The expertise and experience that the professionals of a communication agency have
  • Save on costs, as profitability will be better than if a company has the same number of high-performance professionals on its team as those offered by an agency

At AREA10 Marketing we think that the outsourcing of the different communication departments can only bring mutual benefit to companies and communication agencies. Our agency has professionals with years of experience trained to manage the outsourcing of the different departments so that you can stay calm with their management.

If you are interested in outsourcing your press department and need more information, contact us here. We will be happy to advise you!!