The social media world is constantly changing and in order to be successful, it is crucial to stay up to date and adapt to the latest social media trends. By following the latest trends, you can ensure that your company is up to date with the majority of users and that you are not left behind by your competitors.

We present you 5 rising trends for this 2020 in social media:

Social Listening

Social listening consists in paying attention to the demands of clients in t social networks and adapting the communication strategy and the product or service offer to what the user specifically demands. It is also important to listen to your competitors’ customers to locate gaps in the market or in their marketing strategy that your brand would be able to cover.

Audiovisual Content

Studies show that 80% of the audiovisual content that we will consume throughout 2020 will be video format. This calls for higher quality content and professionals who know how to handle video creation and video editing programs. On the other hand, the emphasis on video means that video-based platforms, such as TikTok, will continue to grow in popularity.

Brand Humanization

Brand humanizations on social media consists in including the company’s staff into the communication strategies. Social media are not only a marketing and advertising platform, but also a tool to get closer to your audience and consolidate your bond with them through direct interaction and two-way communication.

The Rise of Microinfluencers

In recent years, influencers have become a key communication tool. However, large influencers with millions of followers demand exorbitant fees out of reach for most businesses. Therefore, many businesses are resorting to microinfluencers (those with a smaller number of followers and more limited reach, but often with a more engaged community). By choosing a microinfluencer, you not only increase your chances of building stronger commitment, but also manage to reduce costs. Even with a limited budget, thanks to this strategy the brand can work with several microinfluencers and reach out to different niche audiences and generate closer links.

In AREA10 Marketing we have the commitment to continuously stay up to date with all the marketing trends on social media to be able to offer the maximum innovation and better service to our clients.