Following related accounts, answering comments and giving likes back. You have seen others doing it, so, why wouldn’t you be able to manage your own company’s social media? As Social Media Agency we tell you why it wouldn’t be the best idea unless you are an expert. 

If you have finally ventured to manage your own company’s social media, you may have realised that they require much more time and dedication than what you expected. The thing is that, before they were stablish as the powerful tool they are nowadays, they might have needed just the elementary, but social media has evolved a lot, and so have their users. It isn’t enough to post a cute picture in your profile anymore, because there already are thousands of profiles as nice as yours. Neither it is to write a quick text and add your favourite emojis.

You must investigate, get to know your audience and focus your content, a quality content that gets their attention at first sight, to their pain. Because gaining followers isn’t the difficult part, but to make them stay, interact and recommend you.

It doesn’t sound so easy anymore, does it?

The ABC of the Community Manager

Behind any good profile in social media there is a community manager that pays attention to tasks that anybody else sees.

  • Studies the market and the competition
  • Wonders and investigates what does the audience want or need to see
  • Creates the list of publications according to these studies as soon as possible
  • Looks for loyalty through the text of the publications, which should be creative, original and imbued of the company’s style
  • Worries about transmitting the values of the company in each publication to stimulate the identification feeling of the target audience
  • Once the content is published, either answers to the interactions received, or looks for that interaction by other means
  • Carries out a result monitoring to implement future improvements

But this isn’t everything:  he must also elaborate a protocol to manage any crisis that might come up, know about web analysis tools, be updated…

And now, ask yourself, do you still consider that you give to your company’s social media the importance they deserve? Do you dedicate the time they require?

If you need advice about the issue or you want to know more about our Social Media Agency, write to us! We will be pleased to help you.