We live in a time marked by communication and how easy and accessible it has become. Therefore, customers expect companies to find new ways of connecting with the public in which there is a two-way communication that creates a dialogue between the company and the customer, being both benefitted. This is a great opportunity to connect with all our audiences in terms of values and thus gain greater visibility and a better image. It is the moment to build an effective corporate communication.

Corporate communication is the series of actions through which a company communicates with its different audiences, whether they are its customers and the general public or its suppliers, shareholders and other public and private organisations. Its main objective is to improve the company’s image and reputation by showing its benefits through a transparent communication with its audiences.

There are two types:

  • Internal communication: includes activities to create a good relationship with its members through messages which are informative, motivating and that show corporate values so that workers feel connected to the company’s culture
  • External communication: strategies aimed at the external public with the objective of improving the corporate image and increasing the number of clients

The elements of corporate communication in order to achieve its objectives are:

  • Communication professionals who prepare the messages to be launched
  • Our audience, who will react to our message by creating this two-way communication
  • A planning of the strategies to be followed by the company
  • The means by which the company will send its messages, which could be various channels
  • Measuring the results to know the response that our message is having in the public

At AREA10 Marketing we offer you advise to make your message reach your purposes and to keep you connected with your audiences through corporate communication, making the most of it and thus improving your corporate image.

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