If there is a word that has been the talk of the corporate world recently, it would be copywriting or copywriter. In the world of marketing and communication it is not enough to have good ideas, projects, and a good service, you also have to know how to sell them through texts that express concepts. Writing may seem easy, but doing it in a persuasive way that attracts and convinces the reader is not something that everyone can achieve, and that is where the role of the copywriter comes in.

A copywriting service involves all the writing of company texts with a persuasive purpose, whether they are emails, website content or advertisements. So, it is not only about writing, but also about writing with a very specific intention and objective. Therefore, it should not be confused with content marketing or content creation in general.

If copywriting is becoming so widespread lately, it is because it only involves a small change in the company, which brings great benefits in the short term, as it is simple to implement. Finding a person who knows how to convey your values and promote your services will lead to a big increase in sales. Most customers in most cases can be torn between a choice of services, and the way a company connects with them through the written message will determine their choice.

What does a good copywriter do?

  • First of all, since your writing is intended to persuade an audience, you need to be very aware of who this audience is and know them well in order to connect with them.
  • Be always aware of the information you are conveying. In creative writing it often happens that the writer moves away from reality a little to make the text more interesting and attract more attention. In copywriting we must not forget that in the end, no matter how persuasive we want to be, we are offering information about a company, and this information must be objective and accurate, so we must seek a balance between creativity and accuracy.

– Use techniques to connect with the customer. The copywriter will know when it is best to use one technique or another, but you can make use of storytelling, by telling stories about the company that give it more humanity and create a greater bond with the customer. It is also possible to offer limited offers in order to stimulate their immediate desire to buy something or to create a need or problem that only your company can satisfy or solve.

Types of copywriting

  • Direct response copywriting: is considered the origin of copywriting, as it carries out techniques that were used by early advertisers who paid attention to the power of words and emphasised their importance. With all the evolution of the web world, this type of copywriting has also moved online, so it is part of both, the offline and online fields. In both, it is persuasive writing techniques, in short, those that seek the direct and immediate response of the customer/subscriber/follower
  • SEO copywriting: is specific to the internet as it tries to position texts in search engines with the use of certain techniques.
  • Marketing copy: is the one that is more focused on sales. It is copywriting based on consumer needs, which plays on people’s desires to create texts that specifically address that need.
  • Creative copy: is more related to advertising. It tries to position a brand in its market and elevate it as a reference in its sector, as well as creating a strong link with the public.

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