How will marketing change after the COVID-19 crisis?

During these times of crisis and Covid, when we tend to reconsider every aspect of life, we must look on the bright side of things. This new crisis has generated new needs and, therefore, new opportunities for the marketing sector. It is time for us to reinvent ourselves and find new solutions to adapt to this new scenario.

In this post, we will be looking at how the coronavirus crisis has changed consumer behavior and the emerging tendencies in the marketing world as a consequence of COVID 19.

Some consumers will become more aware of their surroundings and their health.  They will have a clearer notion of what they want and how they want it.

Consumers will become more demanding. After living as an exemplary society in confinement for months, they will expect the same level of exemplarity from companies. Respect for the planet and human beings will now be prioritized more than ever.

We will witness an upsurge in digitalization, teleworking, digital meetings, online commerce… This experience has made us realized that we, as a society, needed to slow down our rhythm of life and become more aware of work-life balance to be able to enjoy the truly important things of life.

We have to learn how to manage this current crisis as best as we can to deal with it in the best possible way.

With the emergence of COVID-19, social marketing has now taken a leading role. During these difficult times, solidarity and social actions have an added value that helps and motivate us to work towards a common goal: good practices are contagious.

Social marketing and green marketing will become an essential part of companies’ marketing strategies and, eventually, there will come a time when they will no longer be part of the competitive advantages of products or services.

It is important to remain positive in every aspect. We must stay close to our clients and keep them informed, without falling into scaremongering. We are aware that we will not overcome this crisis in a matter of days, but if we work together, we will manage to move towards a near future where we will learn from all our previous mistakes. A new model of marketing for people who have not been able to leave their house for months and who value solidarity and the planet more than ever.

We are certainly entering a new era of awareness and marketing should be moving in this direction. This experience made us realized that our planet needed a break, as well as our rhythm of life. Perhaps everything we have gone through will help us appreciate the things that a month ago seemed insignificant to us.

From now on, consumers will place more value on the companies’ respect for the environment, the solidarity of our entrepreneurs and institutions and responsible and thoughtful ways of purchasing.

A turning point that will change the way we do things and view every aspecto of life.

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