You still don’t know about Interim Marketing Management?

Interim Management comes into play when companies need aid from experienced professionals but are not able to afford the costs that this entails. Interim Management consists of having an experienced professional help you with a specific mission for your company over a period of time.

Interim services apply to different business fields. In the area of marketing, we refer to it as Interim Marketing Management. Essentially, it is a marketing service provided by a marketing professional during a specific time to help you achieve a specific goal.

Typically, companies resort to this type of service when faced with extraordinary circumstances, such as managing companies entering into an arrangement with creditors, crisis management or as a way of reducing expenditure. It is also often used during specific projects to be able to manage them in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

During these times of crisis, being able to add a marketing expert to your staff might not be a viable option, which is why this trend of hiring a freelancer on a temporary basis is becoming one of the most effective solutions for companies.

But is hiring this service the best option or is it preferable to increase the number of staff?

Interim Marketing is exceptional, temporary and limited. To be able to consider the best option we present some of its main advantages:

  • An objective point of view. Not being part of the company, the Interim Marketing Manager will be able to provide a different and impartial point of view.
  • Cost reduction. One of its most obvious benefits. Hiring a specialist on a temporary basis will help you reduce costs since the company will not be increasing the number of staff.
  • Flexibility. The service can be provided for weeks or months, depending on each situation. The company decides the duration of the manager’s temporary contract depending on their circumstances and their needs.

AREA10 Marketing offers this service. AREA10 Marketing hopes to search solutions and achieve your set objectives, by providing all the know-how within your reach with a highly qualified Interim marketing manager,

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us and we will evaluate your circumstances.