Interim management, or transition management, refers to the hiring of an external manager in order to temporally join the company when extraordinary circumstances occur. As such, interim managers are becoming a key tool for revitalizing the economy and offering companies highly successful solutions.

Interim marketing management is a form of interim management whereby the manager carries out the same tasks as the interim manager but from the marketing point of view.

In AREA10 Marketing we offer our clients a personalised and highly qualified service. We have more that 10 years of experience in integrated marketing, leadership capabilities and all the know-how required to find solutions to the challenges the company or project might temporally face in the future. We base our service on defined and agreed objectives.

¿What is the difference between an interim marketing manager and a marketing consultant?

The main difference is that the former adopts the company’s executive responsibility. In other words, he/she goes beyond advisory duties.


An interim marketing manager provides an impartial point of view, which allows the company to focus on solving the most pressing challenges.


As he/she is in direct contact with the company’s executives, the interim marketing manager is able to decide and carry out decisions that allow a quick resolution of the existing challenges.


The temporal trait of the interim marketing manager allows the company to reduce labour costs, as it only hires a specialist in the moment in which he/she is needed the most. This allows the company to optimise its resources.


The interim marketing manager offers companies marketing advice adapted to each situation. Delivered either weekly or monthly, this advice allows the company to improve its results.