For years we have witnessed how sustainability has gradually become more important within companies to the point of being integrated as another part of their strategy. Now we have to assess if, in the coming months once the COVID-19 crisis is over, this trend will gain momentum and those companies that so far have been reluctant to it will then definitely join this trend.

The SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) guide companies in the implementation of their decisions on sustainability, choosing to align themselves with those objectives where they can contribute the most by their type of activity.

According to a report by PWC “78% of Spanish companies mention SDGs in their annual reports”. Good actions are contagious, which is why it is so important for companies to implement and communicate them to their stakeholders. It is at this point that the first challenge for marketing and communication specialists begins to guide and promote this value within the communication strategy.

What is green marketing or sustainable marketing?

Marketing these days changes every day, trends evolve, some return, some stay forever. Sustainability translated into the field of marketing could be called Green Marketing or Sustainable Marketing.

What does this type of marketing consist of? It is based on the application of strategies that result in a sustainable products or services. We must understand that when we talk about sustainability we have to do it from its three dimensions: economic, social and environmental.

Sustainability is a trend that is here to stay. We only have one planet and it is telling us to reorient our behaviors. It is within each of us (as individuals) to respect and contribute to the change towards social responsibility.

More and more companies are realizing the responsibility they have towards society and especially towards their customers. Investing in new strategies that are environmentally friendly and bring society together creates new business opportunities.

Claiming to be an environmentally responsible company adds value to your organization

Until a few years ago, carrying out responsible actions was considered a high priority; however, not doing so now will diminish the value of the company and will undermine the image that your audience has of it. To achieve success, a good communication strategy is necessary. If we add environmental responsibility, we will find an implacable result.

Sustainability gains momentum in our target group’s decisions. This is due to the differentiating role of Green Marketing. If a company with sustainable values markets the same product as another organization that does not, the consumer will choose the most environmentally friendly product or service.

According to a report carried out by Forética in 2018, 89% of people surveyed admit that, between two equal products, they would choose the most responsible one and, moreover, 63.9% would be willing to buy it even if it has a higher price.

Beware of “Green Washing”

Not all companies play fair and here comes the concept of Green Washing, which is used to name those poor practices carried out by some companies that present a product as positive and green, even though actually it is not.

Today, society is beginning to realize that a world without sustainability is not possible. Consumers have already made their choices, now it is the companies’ turn.

Sustainability is the additive that will make your customers choose you. And you, have you chosen change?