Sustainability, a new challenge for Marketing

For years we have witnessed how sustainability has gradually become more important within companies to the point of being integrated as another part of their strategy. Now we have to assess if, in the coming months once the COVID-19 crisis is over, this trend will gain momentum and those companies that so far have been reluctant to it will then definitely join this trend. The SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) guide companies in the implementation of their decisions on sustainability, choosing to align themselves with those objectives where they can contribute the most......

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Free phone and PC wallpaper - April 2020

Good morning, It is said that April weather, rain and sunshine both together. We are going to try to make these days more bearable and welcome April by giving away a wallpaper for both phone and PC that you can download through the following links. Just click on these links and save the image, then choose it as your wallpaper: DOWNLOAD YOUR PHONE WALLPAPER HERE DOWNLOAD YOUR PC WALLPAPER HERE    ...

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