Business coaching is a process that is increasingly in demand in companies to ensure that the entire structure can improve its productivity while enhancing its wellbeing and building links beyond the mere business relationship.

For our company to work well, achieve its objectives and be successful, we must have a good team of qualified people in different areas who are the base of the pyramid that supports our company. However, if we want to reach the pinnacle of success, management must be involved in bringing out the full potential of the skills of the rest of the team, creating a connection between the whole company that goes beyond simple job performance. A good team coach will be the facilitator of this growth circumstance.

According to the European School of Coaching (ESC), Coaching is the art of asking questions to help other people, through learning, exploration, and the discovery of new beliefs, resulting in the achievement of their goals. Therefore, a business coach will guide our team to optimise their work within the company and obtain the best results.

The company will be in charge of establishing its plan, with its objectives and distribution of tasks. The coach will be an experienced person who will oversee the plan to create a strategy around the team to make it more effective and guide them through the whole process. He or she will be a crucial part of the company’s internal communication.

What does a good coach do?

  • – It will start with getting to know the team well, in order to know how to get the most out of them, taking into account the objectives proposed by the company. Therefore, it will be necessary to exchange questions and to listen actively to arrive at the best strategies. It will also be important to be aware of their culture, values, strengths, and weaknesses, etc.
  • Once you have met the team, you will need to build a trusting and empathetic connection with them to establish the partnership, roadmap and dynamics through which they will work to achieve the objectives.
  • Finally, a coach should be aware of the results that their strategy is having, providing the corresponding feedback both to the team they are working with and to the company’s management, and strengthening or rectifying if necessary.

As can be seen in these three points above, the coach’s communication and emotional connection with his team are key to obtaining the best results, as it is about getting the best results from people, who are more emotionally driven, and not from machines, numbers or sales, which are related to more rational tactics.

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