AREA10 Marketing was a product of the upward trend of the “gig economy”, the “knowmad” and the “interim management” within the corporate sector and in professional marketing services for companies, where subject matter experts are required for specific projects with a complete focus on results in which everything needed to reach their goals in provided.

AREA10 Marketing

MISIONto provide strategies for our clients so they can achieve success in the most efficient way possible and through positive experiences.

VISIONto become our client’s strategic partner, and to become a company that can reaches objectives and fulfills dreams in order to ensure that our participation always contributes to your success.

VALUES: we are restless, honest and have a clear focus on the client, on cooperation and the achievement of results. We believe in SHARED SUCCESS. We are motivated by personal relationships and challenges, and we believe that values such as compromise, honesty, flexibility, sustainability and an ongoing education are key to building a good future for ourselves and those who surround us.

We believe in the conciliation and the empowerment of people.


We promote, both from inside and outside AREA10, a sustainable business culture by promoting values such as compromise, respect, equality, care for the environment, responsibility, teamwork, reconciliation and continuous training.

We believe that a better world is possible, and we trust in the positive impact that people and companies can have on a personal and collective level to contribute to that change. Our awareness steers the way we act in our day to day. As a part of our social and environmental commitment, we have incorporated the fulfillment of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) into our corporate DNA, aligning them with those that we believe we can contribute more of to, collaborating to reach their achievement in a global level.

We promote an active collaboration with NGOs to contribute to ending poverty, we support actions in favor of equality and reconciliation, we avoid the use of plastic and paper and recycle to the best of our ability.

In Area10 we take part in this initiative and we see #1, #5, #7, #8 and #12 as a fundamental pillar to promote the sustainable revolution.


María García Diez

CEO, Founding partner

Marketing and Communications professional with more than 15 years of experience in national and international environments and projects, both in B2B companies and in B2C.

She studied Business & Marketing at the University of Bedforshire, and has a Master of Marketing and Communications. She also holds a Master of Digital Marketing and is a coach for both individuals and teams, and has ACTP and PPC certifications.

María worked freelance for several projects at the same time until, after she’d finished her projects as Marketing Manager for Europe  at BoConcept in 2015, she decided to undertake working under the AREA10 MARKETING brand name for different projects and clients by offering consultancy and the implementation of strategy and a 360° marketing plan, as well as coaching services focused on personal and business growth.

Marián Moure Blanco

Marketing Manager

A Marketing and Communications professional with more than a decade of experience, highly qualified in the managing of on and offline tools. Specialized in the energy and sustainability sectors after working for companies such as Endesa and Gesternova Energía.

Marián has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Valladolid, with a Master of Marketing and Commercial Management from the Schola Europaea and a postgraduate degree in Professional Initiation from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

After having finished momentary collaborations as a freelancer, she got involved in the AREA10 Marketing project in 2019 as a partner, with the objective to promote the brand and collaborate in the growth of the company.

Irene Campo González

Marketing Digital Assistant

Marketing, Communication and Graphic Design professional, relentless in the search for constant learning.

After a double degree in Business Management and Administration + Audiovisual Communication and a master’s in Creative Marketing, she has worked with SMEs and major companies, such as Pernod Ricard España.

Specialized and passionate about all marketing fields on and offline.